Head of Culture

Greater Toronto Area, ON


Hi there.

So what’s with the title?  Great question. You’re probably thinking why not “Head of People” or “People and Culture,” “HR Leader” or something a bit more common? 

It’s because we believe that not everybody gets fired up by HR admin work. If you are one of these people then you don’t love reading legal agreements with a fine-toothed comb, or analyzing excel spreadsheets to reconcile benefits statements. Nor do you wake up excited to manage time-off approval flows in Humi or ask new hires to complete security training modules for compliance purposes.

No, you get excited by designing, planning and steering the core of a team’s culture. You get excited by growing teams in both numbers and from a work-life fulfillment sense.   

We believe that a people-focused team in a company should not be slowed down with traditional HR administrative tasks like liaising with health-benefits providers, reviewing employment contracts, and checking in on payroll.  We have a strong finance and operations leader and she loves all that stuff. So does her team. We’re also seeing a lot of Toronto’s great culture innovators progressing in their careers, only to find that the higher they get in a company the more HR-ish and administrative their role gets. Our bet is that there is someone awesome out there who craves a re-focus on designing and fostering team culture and just wishes someone else could take on the arrangement of benefits, payroll, compliance training, and employment contract reviews. Oh and just to make it clear how important we think this is:  You will report directly to the CEO, so you have the latitude to carry out your team’s mission. 

Still interested ?  Read on!  

Here is the short version about us: 

Our company is Zymewire. We are solving one of the biggest growth constraints on B2B service companies: the bandwidth of their sales teams and its ability to identify the most qualified sales opportunities.  We help our customers be awesome at their jobs by providing actionable insights about their industry. We started our mission by helping sales professionals in biotech, but our larger roadmap is to help many additional industries. We get fired up by the principles in our Guide to Galaxy. We are a team of customer-obsessed individuals and curious technologists. 

We are a team of 47. We’re entirely customer-funded, or bootstrapped, meaning we can write our own culture destiny compared to our VC-influenced or Private-equity controlled peers.  

We see the world differently because of our bootstrapped and profitable heritage. We hired our first Director of Culture when we were only 12 people. Say what?!

Seventy percent of the team is fully remote in various locations around the world.  The other 30% choose to be hybrid and come into the Toronto office 3 days per week (we call ourselves a remote+hybrid company). The hybrid team members work from home on the same two days per week to ensure we remain anchored in the team-wide remote experience.


Your responsibilities: 

  • Our mission from an employee experience is to be the most desirable remote+hybrid scale-up in the Western Hemisphere for customer-obsessed individuals and curious technologists to work and grow at. You will lead the team that makes this a reality.  

You and your team’s responsibilities:

  • be the stewards of the internal voice of the company, crafting and maintaining inclusive and growth-minded communication norms.  
  • design and oversee career success programs to help keep curious and ambitious minds continually growing and challenged.  
  • manage all recruitment and hiring as we grow the team.  
  • oversee initiatives that enhance the bonds between our full team. 
  • work with other leaders in the company to plan formal diversity and inclusion initiatives 
  • foster our employer brand by managing our company website (more on this below) and our online visibility among potential new teammates. 
  • champion our employee giving program, where each team member directs company money to a charity or cause of their choosing each year.  
  • own our global travel program designed to accommodate people working from non-home locations
  • coach hiring managers towards delivering high quality onboarding programs to new team members joining their teams.
  • execute our 3+ in person all-company retreats
  • anything else you think is going to enrich the foundation of our team and company for long term success.

What you bring to the team:

  • 6+ years of experience in a People-focused role where you had strong mentors
  • Strategic thinking around marketing and employer branding. However, you do not need to be a marketing tactitan. Strategy here is more important. 
  • Ability to get a room of introverts talking if needed.  
  • You’ve taken the time to deliberately consider this position. That’s why you’ll know we are asking you to write a cover letter and mention the robot ‘R2-D2’ somewhere in your application.  
  • Experience as a people manager 
  • Experience implementing successful DEI programs 
  • Experience implementing mentorship programs and seeing them through over a multi-year time period
  • Experience writing guidance or emails to an entire company
  • University Degree

If you identify as a racialized person and you feel as though you have been shut out from any of the above qualifications in your career for reasons beyond your control, we still very much encourage you to apply.   

We subscribe to the FYI Competency framework (Korn Ferry). If you’re familiar with this model you ideally see yourself as above average on the competencies of: Develops Talent, Cultivates Innovation, Builds Effective Teams, Demonstrates Self-Awareness, and Manages Complexity.  

In your first 10 days: 

We are HUGE believers in the importance of good onboarding. Our CEO and our rockstar People and Culture Manager will have a comprehensive program planned out for you.  In that onboarding you’ll be introduced to your 30-60-90 plan and have a chance to add your own goals.  

In your first 30 days:

You’ll have learned all about our prior trips to Bermuda, our trip to Iceland, our trip to Costa Rica and the amazing culture contributions those had. You’ll have hung out virtually with our teammates in Skye, Costa Rica, Brazil, Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax, San Francisco, London, York, Calgary, Liverpool and of course - Toronto.  We’ll give you the full debrief on our Junction ‘22 Gathering from late May and how that went.  

The major project in the first 30 days will be to get up to speed on our company re-naming. Yep, we’re re-naming the company, so our products (Zymewire, Zapyrus and more)  can have their own brand space. The coolest part of this project is that it will pave the way for you and your team to fully own the company website and shape it all around the employer brand. ‘

In your first 60 days: 

We’ll have done several hiring cycles by now, and you will be able to assess the existing state of our recruitment approach. 

You’ll have gotten to know the People and Culture Manager and the two of you will have started prioritizing which needle-moving strategies to work on first.  

In your first 90 days: 

You’re in a good position by now to see what the next role on your team should be.  

By now you’ve also spent a total of several weeks shadowing Pete and others on calls and in meetings to get immersed in how the company runs.  

The new company website is live on our CMS platform and you’re proud as heck to show it off to new candidates.  

You feel like you have already made a big splash and the team can’t imagine life without you around.  

Already picturing your first day as our Head of Culture? Apply now with your cover letter and resume! We can’t wait to meet you!  Please note that applications without a cover letter will not be considered.

Zymewire is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

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